Conference attendees labeling water bottles   single stream recycling bin in residence hall

Tips for "Greening" Your Conference or Event

  • Have participants register online and receive a confirmation email instead of using paper print-outs
  • Encourage participants to bring and use a water bottle and/or coffee mug instead of using disposable cups
  • Use white boards and chalk boards instead of flipcharts
  • Provide bulk meals/food that require less packaging (i.e. cream, sugar, condiments)
  • Utilize the single stream recycling services provided in meeting rooms and at meal times
  • Close curtains/blinds during the day to lower energy costs and keep your meeting room cool
  • Return meal cards to the front desk at the end of your conference to be recycled
  • Return portfolios/name badges to the registration table at the end of your conference for reuse

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Set up a carpool or utilize a ride-share program for attendees to get to the event
  • Encourage your group to walk to their meeting spaces instead of driving - make it fun and set up a pedometer challenge
  • Fort Collins has a Bike Library - encourage participants to take part
  • Make a carbon off-set carbon site available on your registration page through the Colorado Carbon Fund


Downloadable Tips for Planners

Downloadable Tips for Participants