Set-up Diagrams

Classroom style set-up diagram Lecture style set-up diagram U-Shape style set-up diagram Hollow Square style set-up diagram Banquet style set-up diagram
Classroom Lecture U-Shape Hollow Square Banquet

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Reception Space

Bare Minimum 6-7 sq ft per person
US Comfortably Crowded 8-9 sq ft per person
Enough Space to Circulate 10 or more sq ft per person
Too Much Space over 20 sq ft per person


Over Set Guarantee:

  • Over set is “places set at the tables” not a food quantity.
  • The industry average is 3 – 10 % depending upon the number of guests.
  • Some situations make it hard to fill each table. This leaves open seats and may require more overset than the hotel would normally provide. Think about your guests – will they sit at the last place at a table, if they do not know others at the table? Do they come in pairs and need two places? Do they straggle into the meal?
100 Guests Industry standard request: 10% over set
100-500 guests We recommend: 6-8% based on group dynamic
100-500 guests We recommend: 5-7% based on group dynamic
Over 1000 guests We recommend: 3-4% based on group dynamic